{"Results":[{"t":1505168017,"f":"0944442","c":"1964 Winter Olympic Games - Innsbruck, Austria\r\nWatched by 80,000 spectators a competitor - one of fifty-two from fifteen nations - flies through the air after taking off from a platform 480 ft high, during the 80m ski jump at Innsbruck - the final event of the ninth Winter Olympic Games. The competitors take off at speeds of about 60mph to sail for three seconds or so through the air - reaching speeds of over 67 mph - and finally landing as far as 313 feet away from the spot where they had lost contact with the ground. - 10th February 1964 - \u00a9TopFoto \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1505168016,"f":"0947376","c":"1936 Winter Olympic Games Garmisch - Partenkirchen, Germany\r\nSweden took the first four places in the 50km Men's Cross Country Skiing Event. (L-R) Elis Wiklund (Gold Medal); Axel Wikstr\u00f6m (Silver Medal); Nils Joel Englund (Bronze Medal); Hjalmar Karl Bergstr\u00f6m (4th)\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1505167996,"f":"0944405","c":"1968 Winter Olympic Games - Grenoble, France\r\nThe Figure Skating Gold Medal in the Winter Olympic Games at Grenoble, was son by Peggy Fleming of the United States - Pictured on the rostrum after the event at Grenoble are (l-r) Brierle Seyfert (Germany, Silver Medal); Peggy Fleming (USA, Gold Medal) and Hana Maskova (Czechoslovakia, Bronze Medal). 13 February 1968. - \u00a9TopFoto \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1505167994,"f":"0947298","c":"1936 Winter Olympic Games Garmisch - Partenkirchen, Germany\r\nLaila Schou-Nilsen, Norway, world record holder for speed skating but as there was no event for women she entered for the compined alpine skiing event where she got the bronze medal.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1504613396,"f":"RIA05-019096","c":"Figure skaters Alexander Gorshkov (left) and Lyudmila Pakhomova (right) perform during Twelfth Winter Olympics. \/ Sputnik \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true},{"t":1504475704,"f":"1216859","c":"Austrian president Adolf Schaerf ( left ) congratulates Austrian champion Egon Zimmermann ( right ) after the latter had completed the Olympic men ' s downhill course on the Paterschkofel in 2 : 18 . 6 to win the event and the gold medal .\r\n1 February 1964 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1504475703,"f":"1216860","c":"Austrian champion Egon Zimmermann after he had completed the Olympic men ' s downhill course on the Paterschkofel in 2 : 18 . 6 to win the event and the gold medal .\r\n1 February 1964 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1504216275,"f":"1193308","c":"Poster for the 1936 Winter Olympics in Germany \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1504216275,"f":"1193307","c":"Canadian Ice Hockey team at the 1936 Winter Olympics \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1504216275,"f":"1193305","c":"A young woman in white coat and hat stands out from the crowd at the 1936 Winter Olympics \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1504215313,"f":"1193306","c":"Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels signing autographs at the Winter Olympics 1936 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1503609564,"f":"1025193","c":"16th February 1936 \r\nParticipants of the Winter Olympics gathered for the medal ceremony. Graf Baillett-Latour, the president of the International Olympic Commitee thanks Germany and Hitler (Fuhrer) for hosting the games. \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1503609563,"f":"1025195","c":"The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics 1936.\r\nHeld in the Olympic Ski Stadium, the flags are paraded around the stadium to celebrate the games coming to an end. The crowd salute the athletes, showng their support for Hitler. \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754231,"f":"1333935","c":"Polish Olympic ski jumper prepares . \r\nPolish ski jumper Gron Gasienica flies through the air during a training leap at Cortina , where the Winter Olympics games begin today . \r\n26 January 1956 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754230,"f":"1333947","c":"Karl Schranz - Austrian alpine skier\r\nWinter Olympics in Sapporo Japan 1972 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754162,"f":"1335519","c":"Oslo : Down on the ice goes the goalkeeper to make a save during one of the " Bandy " matches held at the Bislett Stadium in connection with the Olympic Winter Games .\r\nThis match was between Sweden and Finland . Bandy originated in Britain ,where in 1891 the National Association of Bandy was founded . The game moved to Holland and north into Scandinavia and Russia , where it is known as " Sandlot Baseball ." The 11 man teams are positioned similarly to soccer , and players use curved hockey-style sticks , apart from the goalkeeper , who has to stop the ball with hands , skates or body . The ' field ' is football sized , and the ball the same size as a standard tennis ball , but hard . The game proved popular with Olympic spectators .\r\n28 February 1952 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754033,"f":"1336447","c":"America ' s Dick Button is congratulated by his mother and father after his victory retaining his Olynpic skating title in the Winter Olympics in Oslo\r\n22 February 1952 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754032,"f":"1336446","c":"Richard Button ( USA ) seen mopping his brow after winning the men's skating title during the Winter Olympics in St Mortiz , Switzerland\r\n7 February 1948 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754032,"f":"1336451","c":"Richard Button ( USA ) who won the men's skating title in the Winter Olympic games at St Moritz , Switzerland , seen displaying his medal after receiving it today .\r\n7 February 1948 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502754030,"f":"1336448","c":"America ' s Dick Button retains Olympic skating title\r\nPresentation of medals for the Olympic men's figure skating Left to right : Helmutt Seibt (Austria - second , ) Richard ( Dick ) Button (USA) - first and James Grogan (USA ) - third .\r\n22 February 1952\r\nOslo \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502582891,"f":"1323877","c":"The British Olympic Bobsleigh team , number 1 seen at St Moritz , Switzerland where they are making final preparations for the Winter Olympics . They are just prior to pushing off on a trial run . They are LtoR Wing Commander Bill Coles of Oxford ; Warrant Officer Edgar Meddings of Staffordshire ; Group Captain Raymond W Collings of Brighton and Squadron Leader Mike Holliday of Hull .\r\n26 January 1948 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502582891,"f":"1323876","c":"Miss Mollie Phillips left Victoria Station for Villars , Switzerland , to commence open air training in preparation for the skating events in the Olympic Games at Garmisch-Partenkirchen in February . Miss Phillips is representing Great Britain for the second time , the last session being at Lake Placid USA . She is one of Britain's most successful girl skaters\r\n10 January 1936 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502491281,"f":"1370670","c":"A graceful ballet step is introduced into skating by Swiss champion Maya Hig, who is training at Richmond Ice Rink for the forthcoming Olympic Games. She has held the title since 1945, and is now reaching top form under the skilled guidance of world-famed teacher Gerschwiler. She has come to England for her ice as Switzerland only offers winter skating on natural rinks.\r\n28 August 1947 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1502491281,"f":"1370669","c":"A graceful ballet step is introduced into skating by Swiss champion Maya Hig, who is training at Richmond Ice Rink for the forthcoming Olympic Games. She has held the title since 1945, and is now reaching top form under the skilled guidance of world-famed teacher Gerschwiler. She has come to England for her ice as Switzerland only offers winter skating on natural rinks.\r\n28 August 1947 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501779985,"f":"CLAS022649","c":"WINTER SNOW SCENE STEEPLE ROCK OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK WASHINGTON USA \/ ClassicStock \/ TopFoto.co.uk"},{"t":1501626362,"f":"470202","c":"Austrian Bobsled Championships\r\nThe four man bobsleigh team of ; Franz , Heini , Pepi and Fritz Isser of Austria , speed round the Hexenkessel curve on the Olympic run near Igls , during the Austrian bobsleigh championships\r\n23rd January 1964 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501625522,"f":"1295455","c":"The great line-up for the Winter Olympics 1954\r\nThe complete US ice skating team at the Bislett Stadium , Oslo (except Dick Button)\r\nLeft to right \r\nPeter Kennedy , 24 and his sister Karol , 19 , the world pair champions from Seattle .\r\nJames D Grogan , 20 of Colorado Springs , Sonja Klopfer , 17 of New York , Virginia Baxter , 19 of Detroit , Tenley Albright , 16 , of Boston Hayes Jenkins , 19 of Cleveland , Ohio , Janet Gerhauser , 19 of Minneapolis and John Nightingale of St Paul , Minnesota .\r\n6th February 1952 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279861,"f":"1281193","c":"Innsbruck, Austria : A general view of the Olympic Village in Innsbruck , pictured against a background of the North - Chain Mountains of the Alps . The village will be opened for the athletes of 33 nations taking part in the Winter Olympics on 15 th January , 1964 . The Olympics will commence on 29th January . There are a total of 1013 rooms in the modern apartment houses , with kitchens and dining halls on the ground floor .\r\n20th November 1963 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279860,"f":"1281195","c":"Mexico City : As delicate as an artist ' s sketch is this view of the construction site for the Olympic Village . Steel reinforcement rods stretch skywards as work continues to shape up the site on the southern edge of Mexico City for the 1968 Olympic Games to be staged here .\r\n21st October 1967 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279859,"f":"1281196","c":"Grenoble , France : An aerial view of the Olympic Village of Grenoble , where competitiors from 500 nations will stay for the duration of the 1968 Winter Olympic Games . The Olympic Village is just on the outskirts of the City .\r\n27th December 1967 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279859,"f":"1281197","c":"Grenoble, France : The Olympic Village in Bachat - Bouloud , near Chamrousse , to be used for the alpine competitors at next year ' s Winter Olympic Games here . The 1968 Games is to be opened by President General de Gaulle of France .\r\n27th December 1967 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279857,"f":"1281201","c":"Oslo, Norway : Buildings under construction to house competitiors for next year ' s Olympic Winter Games , being held here . The buildings will serve as students ' hostels after the Games .\r\n12 November 1951 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279237,"f":"1284254","c":"Bulgarians attack in Olympic soccer tie\r\nA British (left) and a Bulgarian player hit the turf as Pinner , the British goalkeeper (second from right) goes down before a Bulgarian attacker (dark shirt) near the British goal during the return Olympic Games qualifying tie between Great Britian and Bulgaria at the Empire Stadium , Wembley . Bulgaria won the first leg of tie in Sofia last October \r\n12th May 1956 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501279237,"f":"1284253","c":"Bulgarians score in Olympic soccer tie\r\nLeft-half Dodkins , left-back Farrer and goalkeeper Pinner (on right) , all of Great Britian , watch the ball enter their net for Bulgaria's first goal - scored by outside-right Milanov - in the return Olympic games qualifying tie between Great Britain and Bulgaria at the Empire Stadium , Wembley . Bulgaria won the first leg of the tie in Sofia last October .\r\n12th May 1956 \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501108123,"f":"1398299","c":"ATHLETICS : LONDON versus PARIS: \r\nTwo French teams , one representing Paris University the other composed of Paris schoolboys , were matched against London University and London Schools in an athletics meeting at Motspur Park , London , this afternoon. An interesting feature of the meeting was that , in deference to Olympic " possibles " competeing , all events were run over metric distances.\r\nPICTURE SHOWS: Jamaican flyer! \r\nK S Winter , a British Olympic hope , shows classic style as he leads in the 800 metres University's ' event at Motspur Park today. He is ahead of J.RASSE ( PARIS ) who finished second.\r\n1 May 1948 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501107834,"f":"1399291","c":"British Empire vs. USA Athletics at White City. \r\n\r\nAfter winning the Olympic High Jump championship, Jack Winter of Australia, repeated his performance today when he beat the USA Jumpers whilst representing the British Empire against the USA at the White City Stadium this afternoon. \r\n\r\nPicture shows : Jack Winter (Australia) stretches to win the championships \r\n\r\n12 August 1948 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501027645,"f":"0537674","c":"1948 Winter Olympics - Switzerland\r\nThe United States women's ski team wearing for the first time grey Olympic suits.\r\n31st January 1948 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1501027645,"f":"0537675","c":"1948 Winter Olympics - Switzerland\r\nNils Karlsson of Sweden as he arrives at the finishing line at the end of the Cross Country race at St Moritz. It was first thought that he was the winner, until it was later officially announced that the first place had been taken by his countryman Martin Lundstroem.\r\n2nd February 1948 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1500413130,"f":"0153237","c":"Spanish aristocrats Cabeza de Vaca (left) and Alfonso de Portago take a spill without injury as their two man bob-sleigh goes haywire during training at the Cortina Olympic track in Italy. They were doing there first test run for the coming Winter Olympics.\r\n22nd January 1956. \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1500412772,"f":"0157866","c":"London: Wearing attractive white fur hats, the British Olympic Ski Team are pictured at London Airport before flying out to Squaw Valley, California, today, to take part in the Olympic Winter Games, left to right at back Robert Skepper, John W. Oakes, The Captain, Geoffrey Pitchford, and Charlach Mackintosh, and in front, left to right Miss Josephine Gibbs and Miss Sue Holme. 5th February 1960. \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1500334385,"f":"0107978","c":"1952 Winter Olympics\r\nThe opening ceremony of the VIth Olympic Winter Games at Bislette Stadium, Oslo, Norway by Prince Harold and Princess Ragnhild. \r\n16th February 1952. \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1500333860,"f":"0111769","c":"The first winter Olympic Games Winter Sports at Chamonix British competitors in the opening procession headed by their banner and union jack bearers 1924 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499810061,"f":"0526868","c":"Great Britain Ice Hockey Team who beat Canada in the 1936 Winter Olympics \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499809795,"f":"0554664","c":"Oslo: Dick Button 22 year old American competing in the mens figure skating event of the Winter Olympics. Which he won.\r\n22nd February 1952 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499809794,"f":"0554668","c":"Dick Button (centre) 22 year old Amreican won figuire staking winter Olympic Games Islo Helmut Seibt (Austria) second on the left and James Grogan US third on right 22 February 1952 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720032,"f":"1136262","c":"Ski champion Vinjarengen of Norway at Lake Placid Winter Olympics at Los Angeles, California 1932\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nofficially known as the Games of the X Olympiad \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720031,"f":"1136264","c":"Winning American bobsleigh team with their trophy at Lake Placid at Winter Olympics at Los Angeles, California 1932\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nofficially known as the Games of the X Olympiad \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720030,"f":"1136265","c":"Lake Placid, 15 February 1932. IOC president Henri de BAILLET-LATOUR, declaring closed the II Olympic Winter Games, surrounded by the nations' flag bearers \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720029,"f":"1136267","c":"Lake Placid, February 1932, III Olympic Winter Games. Start of the speed skating 5000m second heat. \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720028,"f":"1136268","c":"Lake Placid February 1932. Men's speed skating, start of the second round heats of the 10,000m won by Irving JAFFEE (USA).at the Winter Olympics Lake Placid, NY 1932 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720028,"f":"1136269","c":"German two-man bobsleigh team at Lake Placid \r\nOlympics 1932 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720027,"f":"1136270","c":"February 1932: High-angle view of Swiss skier Cesare Chiogna in flight as he competes in the ski jump event at the Olympic Games, Lake Placid, New York \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720026,"f":"1136271","c":"Lake Placid, 1932. II Olympic Winter Games Ice Hockey Canada vs USA \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720025,"f":"1136272","c":"Lake Placid February 1932. Men's 500m speed skating, the winner Eddie SHEA (USA) and another competitor.at the Winter Olympics Lake Placid, NY 1932 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720024,"f":"1136275","c":"Lake Placid, 1932. II Olympic Winter Games Ice Hockey defending goal \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720024,"f":"1136276","c":"Albert Brehme a German bobsledder seriously injured before the Winter Olympics Lake Placid, NY 1932 has a visit from New York Mayor Jimmy Walker \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720024,"f":"1136274","c":"Bobsled Team for German Hanns Kilian , Max Ludwig\r\nHans Mehlhorn , Sebastian Huber at the Winter Olympics Lake Placid, NY 1932 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499720022,"f":"1136279","c":"Admiral Byrd takes the Olympic Oath at Lake Placid at the winter Olympics 1932\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nofficially known as the Games of the X Olympiad \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499557505,"f":"1119087","c":"The Medal for Winners: Obverse.\r\nThe medals were designed by Bertram Mackinnal.\r\n4 July 1908 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499557504,"f":"1119131","c":"The Olympic Prizes: The Chief Trophies.\r\n1 August 1908 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499556969,"f":"1121719","c":"South Lake Tahoe, Calif.: The finish of the 100 metres final during the Olympic trials meet here September 10th shows Jimmie Hines, third from left, about to break the tape with a winning time of 10 seconds which tied the existing world record. The others are, from left to right: Clyde Glosson; Tom Randolph; Hines; Kirk Clayton; Mel Pender, 3rd with a time of 10.2, and Charlie Green, 2nd with a time of 10.1.\r\n14th September 1968 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499465262,"f":"1106591","c":"Rome: Winners of the 1,500 metres event have a three way handshake on the victors' podium here today: Left to Right I. Rozsavolgyi, of Hungary Third, Herb Elliott, of Australia, First, and M. Jazy of France, second.\r\n6 September 1960 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499463601,"f":"1106596","c":"Rome: Herb Elliott, of Australia leads the field in to win the final of the men's 1,500 metres in a new World record time of 3 minutes 35.6 seconds. He is followed by Michel Jazy of France, and I. Rozsavolgyi, of Hungary.\r\n6 September 1960 \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499461061,"f":"APA1437805","c":"radio reception of the Olympian in the Viennese city hall, crowd in the ticket hall of the Viennese Westbahnhof raiwlay station bide the successful olympic competitors., 12.02.1956 \/ Hilscher, Albert \/ ÖNB-Bildarch"},{"t":1499461061,"f":"APA1437806","c":"reception of the Olympian in the Viennese city hall, The Viennese mayor Jonah (left) butt with the gold medal winner Oppelt (2nd from the left) and black (3rd from the left) (pair skating competition in the free skating) The moment Sailer (giant slalom, slalom and way down) at., 12.02.1956 \/ Hilscher, Albert \/ ÖNB-Bildarch"},{"t":1499461060,"f":"APA1437804","c":"reception of the Olympian on the Viennese Westbahnhof raiwlay station, human crush in the supermarket of the Westbahnhof raiwlay station. police force as file., 12.02.1956 \/ Hilscher, Albert \/ ÖNB-Bildarch"},{"t":1499461059,"f":"APA1437802","c":"reception of the Olympian in the Viennese city hall, from left to right: unknown, Olympic champion Sailer (slalom, way down, giant slalom), Vienna mayor Jonah, Olympic champion Oppelt (pair skating competition in the free skating, together with Sissy Schwarz), 12.02.1956 \/ Hilscher, Albert \/ ÖNB-Bildarch"},{"t":1499458887,"f":"APA1436879","c":"Patscherkofelbahn (Patscherkofel Train), backup with car, 1952 \/ Nußbaumer, Franz \/ ÖNB-Bildarc"},{"t":1499449328,"f":"APA1434291","c":"Innsbruck, street musicians playing on, 1930 \/ Österreichische Lichtbildstelle"},{"t":1499446729,"f":"APA1433446","c":"Olympic winter games 1928 in St. Moritz, The figure skater ulna Brockhoeft (Germany), 1928 \/ Rübelt, Lothar \/ ÖNB-Bildarchi"},{"t":1499446516,"f":"APA1433349","c":"Olympic winter games 1928 in St. Moritz, The Norwegian figure skater Sonja Henie., 1928 \/ Rübelt, Lothar \/ ÖNB-Bildarchi"},{"t":1499277740,"f":"APA1427213","c":"Austrian skier Guenther Mader finished third in the Olympic downhill race in Albertville, France on October 9th 1992. - 19921009_PD0010 \/ ÖSV \/ APA-Archiv \/ picturedesk."},{"t":1499277168,"f":"APA1426794","c":"On Febuary 3rd 1992 in Vienna Austrian president Kurt Waldheim celebrated the inauguration of Austria's Olympic team for the winter games in Albertville. (from l. to r.): Patrick Ortlieb, Petra Kronberger and Kurt Waldheim. - 19920203_PD0007 \/ Kurt Kainrath \/ APA-Archiv \/ pic"},{"t":1499277165,"f":"APA1426791","c":"On Febuary 3rd 1992 in Vienna Austrian president Kurt Waldheim celebrated the inauguration of Austria's Olympic team for the winter games in Albertville. (from l. to r.): Patrick Ortlieb, Petra Kronberger, Kurt Waldheim, Helmut H\u00f6flehner, Andreas Felder, Leonhard Stock, Sabine Ginther und Monika Maierhofer. - 19920203_PD0006 \/ Kurt Keinrath \/ APA-Archiv \/ pic"},{"t":1499273571,"f":"APA1423398","c":"Austria's Federal Chancellor Franz Vranitzky, Minister Hilde Hawlicek and the President of the OEOC (Austrian Olympic Comitee) welcomed the Austrian team of the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. On the picture (f.l.t.r.): Hadschieff, Strolz, Gstrein, Wolf, Aschenwald, Sulzenbacher and Csar. - 19880408_PD0007 \/ M. Leckel \/ APA-Archiv \/ picture"},{"t":1499273395,"f":"APA1423224","c":"Vienna on Novemer 13th 1987: The Society for Menaced Folks demonstrated in the context of a press conference of Ralph Klein, mayor of Calgary ,against the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Canada, from 12th to 28th of February 1988. - 19871113_PD0009 \/ M. Leckel \/ APA-Archiv \/ picture"},{"t":1499272905,"f":"APA1422769","c":"The photo taken on May 1st 1987 on the occasion of the 52nd Ice-Hockey World Championship in Vienna shows the president of the International Ice-Hockey Federation Guenther Sabetzky and president of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch watching the match USSR vs. Sweden. - 19870501_PD0005 \/ Daniel Krug \/ APA-Archiv \/ pictu"},{"t":1499119535,"f":"1024950","c":"On the Riessersee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ice hockey players compete in the ice - sports events that for the Olympic Winter meeting set against wonderful winter landscape in the background for the numerous spectators .\r\nTopFoto \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119531,"f":"1024946","c":"Corner in the downhill skiing run on the second day of the IV Winter Olympics in 1936.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119528,"f":"1024951","c":"A good start on the slalom run in the Winter Olympics - here the Frenchman Emile passes a gate in the slalom run which he finished third behind Franz Pfnur and Guyzzi Lantschner.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119504,"f":"1025149","c":"The start of the 4 x 10 km ski relay taking place with competitors from sixteen nations.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119502,"f":"1025151","c":"Finnish skiers tagging in the ski relay - Nurmela strikes Karpinnen.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119502,"f":"1025152","c":"The Norwegian skier Hoffsbakken (left) draws level with Wechsel, the first off in his team.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119501,"f":"1025153","c":"This team occupied the first four places in the 30 km ski race. Left to right: The Swede Elis Viklund, Axel Wikstrom, Nils Joel Englund and Hjalmar Karl Bergstrom.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119501,"f":"1025154","c":"View from the top of the tower at the Olympic ski jump. 130,000 spectators.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119485,"f":"1025177","c":"1936 Olympics - John Garrison (USA) - USA\/Germany ice hockey match 1936.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119479,"f":"1025577","c":"Repairing the Olympic bobsleigh run - framework is welded together.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119479,"f":"1025576","c":"Spectators watching the bobsleigh event with interest.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119478,"f":"1025579","c":"The two-bobsleigh "Switzerland II" with Fritz Felerabend and Joseph Beerli before the start of the run.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119478,"f":"1025578","c":"Olympic bobsleigh run with the wonderful Waxensteinen in the background.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119477,"f":"1025580","c":"Bobsleigh team "USA I" (Brown -Washbond) defending the gold medal in 1932 with Erfolg.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119476,"f":"1025581","c":"Reto Capadrutt "Switzerland I" record holder is pushed in the bobsleigh - silver in the 1932 and 1936 Games.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119476,"f":"1025582","c":"Great Britain bobsled team (F. J. McEvoy, G. C. Dugdale, C. P. Green, I. F. Cardno) \r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119475,"f":"1025583","c":"Four-man Olympic bobsled team "Switzerland II" with Second Lieutenant Pierre Musy am Steuer, winner in the bobsleigh run. (l-r Pierry Musy, Arnold Gartmann, Charles Bouvier, Joseph Beerli)\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119474,"f":"1025584","c":"Reto Capadrutt mit der crew of the Swiss bobsled team "Switzerland I", second in the bobsleigh run. (Reto Capadrutt, Hans Aiechele, Fritz Feierabend, Hans Butikofer)\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119474,"f":"1025585","c":"Map tracing the route of the bobsled run for the 1936 Winter Olympics.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119472,"f":"1027122","c":"Now they fall .....! Caught at the exact moment as they ride the curve of the Olympic bobsled run (Bavaria - team members not named)\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119470,"f":"1027123","c":"Bobsled "Germany II" takes a tumble - the four-man crew takes the fall well but it must be eliminated.\r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119468,"f":"1027125","c":"Four-man crew of the Winter Olympics "Italy I" travels precariously on the edge of a curve. \r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1499119468,"f":"1027124","c":"Cartoon sketch showing the three seated crew members of the Olympic bobsled team throwing a lifeline with lifebelt to rescue the fourth member who has fallen off. \r\n\u00a9TopFoto \/ (c) TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true}]}