5 Types of Video Content Creation for Your Business

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It’s clear that people love video content, and social media has capitalized on that. From Instagram stories and reels to Facebook stories and live streams to TikTok videos, companies are cashing in on this as well.

If you want to keep up with the times and use video to promote your business, you must learn how to use video content creation in your marketing plan effectively.

Are you keen to learn more? Read on for some of the different options available.

1. Introductory Videos

An introductory video is a basic welcome video explaining more about your company and its culture. Cover things like your mission, values, culture, and product or service.

These videos could be on your company homepage or social media channels to give potential consumers a brief intro to your business and build brand awareness.

2. Demo Videos

If you provide a service or sell a product, a demo video can show consumers exactly how things work. Demo videos are beneficial for putting things together, troubleshooting, or walking consumers through how your software works.

User manuals and instructions are still essential, but sometimes it’s easier and quicker to watch someone else walk you through it. Combining a visual of the product and audio instructions is helpful for many consumers. Visual memory is crucial in helping you remember things.

3. Educational Videos

Educational videos, such as a video documentary, teach your audience something new.

You can use this type of video content marketing for your products. Your sales team can also use them as they teach potential (or current) consumers about your new products or services.

4. Live Stream

Live streams became extremely popular during the lockdown days of the pandemic. From celebrities to your neighbours, everyone was going live on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, so why not use live streams for your business?

If you’re at an event, you could do a live stream to get more people to attend or show how popular your product is. If you do a live stream interview, your users can ask questions in real-time that your team can answer. The interaction possibilities are enormous with live streams if you do them right.

5. Customer Testimonials

90% of consumers say an online review is just as important as a recommendation from someone they know. Customer testimonial videos take this one step further. If you use real customers to promote your products, others may be more willing to give you a shot, as they respect those who support your business.

Incorporate Video Content Creation Into Your Marketing Plan

If video content is not part of your current marketing plan, you need to reconsider. Video content creation doesn’t have to be difficult, but keeping up with current consumer demands is necessary.

Don’t miss this chance to expand the scope of your business marketing. When you’re ready to begin working on your video content, you can use our database of still images to enhance your videos.


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