7 Advantages of Sourcing High Quality Licensed Images

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Digital marketing has increased the demand for images and video in advertising. With increased technology in smartphone cameras, people can take amazing photos and footage. Those images get uploaded to social media and file-sharing sites.

People pull images found on Google and use them for both personal and commercial use. They run the risk of one day receiving a notification the content they are using belongs to someone else.

With licensed images, people can pay for usage rights and avoid the embarrassment of having content removed.

Are you a business owner in need of professional images? Do you want access to a library containing diverse and scenic images?

Keep reading to learn the seven advantages of sourcing high-quality, licensed images.

1. Professional Marketing Material with Licensed Images

Businesses invest in professional marketing material to promote their business. Depending on the size of your business and marketing resources, you may outsource marketing. For businesses doing everything in-house, you need to use high-quality images.

The photo software available today makes it easy to create professional advertising. Couple this with images that tells a story.

The finished project can approach or even rival high-end graphic designers.

All of this is possible when you secure licensed images from reputable companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for historical images or photos of nature. Contracting for licensed images for commercial use is the way to go.

2. Projects Appear Authentic

Since it’s all about putting your best work in front of your audience, authenticity is important. For historical works, the images you use should represent the era you’re covering.

The images authenticate the story you’re telling, and your audience is more engaged than if they are reading text. You also add legitimacy.

Sourcing licensed images from a website specializing in the photos needed to complete your project is the smart choice. The site owner has authenticated the images and licensed them.

You can rest assured that your project is protected.

3. Avoid Copyright Violations

Licensed images mean you have permission to use someone’s work in your project. The size of the project doesn’t matter. Nor does its intended purpose. If you use someone else work, you should get permission.

Otherwise, you are infringing on someone’s intellectual property. This could lead to a financial judgment. It can also stain your reputation in your chosen industry.

Avoiding copyright claims is simple. If you see an image you want to use, locate the licensing information and get permission. On a larger scale, seek out companies sourcing licensed images.

You’ll sign paperwork explaining your intended purpose, as well as how the images can get used. A fee is charged based on limited or unlimited use.

4. More Options

By going with a company that licenses photos, you’ll have access to a larger catalog. The more images you have, the more in-depth your project becomes.

With historical projects, you can create books, videos, and other presentations that take your audience on a journey. Going through a catalog of images can also spark new ideas for future projects.

If time is something you value, it’s important to access the photos you need quickly. Although an image site will have a larger catalog, you can narrow your search using select keywords or working with the in-house researchers.

This way, you see the most relevant images first and can expand your search if needed.

5. Cost Efficient

Using licensed images is cost-effective. Some image websites offer monthly and annual subscriptions. It can be less expensive to subscribe to a website than to purchase individual images or content on an as-needed basis.

You’ll need to assess your needs to determine what is more feasible for your business.

Keep in mind, once you are licensed to use an image, you’re often allowed to use it more than once. This is something you’ll need to review in your contract.

If the images you choose can get multiple uses, you’ll save money in the long-run. For advertising purposes, choose images that reflect your product or service with the intention of being able to reuse and repurpose them.

6. Multiple Formats

When seeking an agency to acquire licensed images, it is important to consider the different formats the images come in. This includes size, resolution, file type, and short clip video if relevant.

You don’t want to license an image expecting to use it on a billboard, only to learn it is a low-resolution file. The same is true when it comes to print media vs. digital media.

Understanding where and how the materials will get used is an important part of choosing where and how you’ll source licensed images.

Licensing sites sometimes have tier pricing based on the size of the files. Printed works will always require higher resolution files. Personal use vs. commercial use can affect the format also.

7. Sparks Creativity

The statement that a picture is worth a thousand words still holds true. Earlier, we touched on sparking creativity with licensed images. Sometimes a creative has an idea but doesn’t know how to get from point A to point B.

Having access to a catalog of images via an image licensing platform can help you create a project.

Most services allow you to look through their immense databases to entice you to sign-up. As you’re looking through images, your creative juices will start to flow. You may even look at an existing project and see new potential.

Sourcing licensed images also allows you to switch out images based on the feedback you receive for the project. Using different images when sharing on multiple platforms can increase interest.

Every audience reacts differently. Now you can tell the same story but work with various images.

Show Your Business in Pictures

Licensed images are the way to go to ensure your projects are professional and don’t infringe on someone’s rights. Plus, you’re using high-quality images secured the right way.

At TopFoto, we specialize in licensing historical photos and more to book publishers, educational projects, advertisers and filmmakers. Click here to share your ideas and learn more about what we offer.


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