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Yoko Ono at 90

Selected images at TopFoto Yoko Ono will be 90 years old on 18 February 2023 Yoko Ono is being widely reassessed as a hugely significant and trailblazing artist and feminist (eg see New York Times […]

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2023 Image Selections of Note

June 1947 – Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod – 75 year Anniversary 29 May 1953 – British Mount Everest Expedition reached the summit – 70 Year Anniversary May 1923 – Le Mans 24 hour race – […]

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Happy and Glorious

The young Queen’s first State Opening of Parliament, the first Queen to do so since 1886 Charles Dawson, photographer and WW2 soldier, was born in south-east London in 1917. He won worldwide acclaim for this […]

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The Spy Ring of Vladimir Petrov

In 1954 a humble civil servant at the Russian Embassy in Australia stunned the world when he defected from the Soviet Union with his wife, revealing that he was head of a spy ring with […]

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In 1298, London’s coopers – skilled men who made casks – were hauled up in front of the authorities and fined “for contempt of King and Mayor” because they’d single-handedly introduced an ordinance to raise […]

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Windrush Day

#WindrushDay: 23rd June 2021 Rommi Smith, TopFoto, Writer-in-Residence Today is #WindrushDay. I am writing this on the seventy-eighth anniversary of the arrival of The Empire Windrush to Tilbury Docks. It’s a poignant moment in British […]

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Replaying the Record: Flipping the Script

Replaying the Record: Flipping the Script by Rommi Smith, TopFoto archive Writer-in-Residence 29 April 2021 Record comes from the Latin word recordari – the term cor meaning heart. The stylus on the record player might, […]

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The B of Beginning

by Rommi Smith: TopFoto Archive Writer-in-Residence, 8 April 2021 Here, really begins in the early spring of 2019. I am attending the first British American Project (BAP) writers’ retreat and I am making a cup […]


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