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by Gary L. Stiles
All cartoons supplied by Punch Cartoon Library / TopFoto
Published by Unicorn Press
Hardback • £50.00

“Gary Stiles offers herein an encyclopedic review of Sir Winston Churchill’s long career through the pages of Punch and its talented cartoonists. Every aspect of his long story is covered, and no Punch cartoon or image of Churchill is missed in this comprehensive collection.”
– Richard M. Langworth CBE, Senior Fellow, Hillsdale College Churchill Project

PCL200452: Impressions of Parliament WSC at Speakers Table – 1953

Punch featured Winston Churchill in more than 600 cartoons between 1899 to 1988. For the first time this book catalogues all the cartoons and provides a context of the events and people being satirised and places them in historical perspective. Early on Punch often made Churchill into a caricature of himself, promoting exaggerated images of his physical characteristics such as his forward leaning gait, his prominent jutting jaw, his cigar, and his hands on hips when speaking. His hobbies were frequently caricatured such as his love of polo, painting, writing skills and brick-laying.

PCL200445: The Admirable Winston – 1953

Churchill in Punch is not just for fans of Churchill, but for anyone interested in history, British life over the past 120 years, media and their response to government and politicians, cartoon aficionados and general society. It is an easy and fun read for the casual reader but also the academic who wants more depth through the appendices and an analysis of major world events through the eye of Punch.

PCL100543: Time’s Revenge – 1944

Gary L. Stiles is a physician and student of history and art, and lifetime collector of Winston Churchill’s books and memorabilia. He graduated from St. Lawrence University and received his MD from Vanderbilt School of Medicine. He had a long academic at Duke University was widely published in the medical and scientific literature.

PCL200438: Rubber Stamps – 1953

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