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1300600: Geography with a difference . Keen to follow the route round the world taken by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on their tour of the Commonwealth, children from Iver Junior School , Bucks , are linking up pictures with the places – 4 December 1953


Creating a new lesson plan template can be a challenge. To get the balance right between making sure all the information is packed in there, while still keeping it fun to read is a task teachers navigate often. Imagine, for a moment that you could capture your learner’s imaginations and help them remember all the facts at the same time. If you’ve been scratching your head about how to make your lesson plans interesting, keep reading to discover why stock photos for teachers can make all the difference.

1. Images Are Memorable

Pairing facts or concepts with meaningful images is one of the best ways to lodge information in long-term, or visual memory. Visuals direct a learner’s attention and help them understand and relate to the information. According to research, after three days, a learner remembers 10-20% of spoken or written information. In comparison, close to 65% of information is communicated visually. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to use visuals when you update your lessons plans.

2. Images Communicate Fast

When presented with many words, the human brain takes time to read, absorb, and understand what is being communicated. A single image communicates multiple facts quickly. It takes our minds half a second to respond to visual input, which is much quicker than you could read this sentence. The right stock photo site can provide images that link to the work being taught.

3. Improve Understanding

Not only do relevant photos make school fun they also help the learners understand what they are learning about, especially when it comes to subjects like history. All school-age learners have grown up surrounded by technology and have a hard time relating to a world without electricity, running water, or (horrors!) the internet. Choosing the best photographs for your content will help your learners make sense of how things used to be.

4. Visuals Trigger Emotions

If you want your learners to engage with the information you’re teaching, tap into their emotions. When a learner experiences emotions, they are much quicker to buy in to the experience. The same is true for the subject matter you want them to take in. Visuals help them feel, feelings stir their interest. When interest is piqued, learning becomes a natural by-product of a curious mind.

5. Stimulate Imagination

Learners respond to visual information as it allows their imagination to step into another world. Using images in your lesson plans is like weaving a captivating story through all the facts. Stories allow the information to take root in their imaginations and remain with them long after their work is packed away.

Bring Your Lesson Plan Template to Life

We live in a world of visual stimulation. With the right stock photos for teachers, your lesson plan template will provide a window into the world they’re learning about. Drawing them in with visuals helps them soak up the information in a way that sticks.

If you’re ready to tap into a source of images that will make lesson plan templates come alive, register on and start browsing our selection of images.



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