These Are the Top Visual Art Trends of the 2022

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Digital art has become a billion-dollar industry, and as time passes, it’s becoming one of the most popular mediums amongst artists. But, if history has taught us anything, it’s that art trends come and go with the wind…

But that’s what makes creative work so addictive!

There’s always something new and techniques to use in your work. Moving with the times is essential if you want your work to be discovered. Now, you might be thinking, what type of visual art is the most popular this year?

If so, this article has you covered. Whether you are an art buyer, artist, or simply interested in art as a hobby, you’ll love these upcoming trends that will shake up the art world.

What Is Visual Art?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “visual art”? A portrait? Ceramics? Or photography?

To keep it simple, all these art areas are classified as visual art. The common denominator is that the work intends to create a visual experience that stirs an emotional reaction.

In some cases, this can make you feel elated. And in other situations, it can cause anger, distress or elicit a thought-provoking message.

Over the years, artists have experimented with expressionism and a new camera to create magical art. But, due to the rise of technology, there’s a new layer to consider with visual art.

Visual Art Trends of 2022

Here are the best trends to add to your art collection or include in art festivals this year. You won’t want to miss out on these unique designs!

Virtual Art Events

The first trend is not about a physical art piece; it’s about how art events will be held. Since the pandemic, more people have been looking for ways to recreate the gallery experience without risking going to an enclosed space.

For artists, this is great for reaching global audiences. And, for art dealers, this allows you to connect with artists from all over the world!

Plus, more people can attend events as they aren’t limited to geographical location. So, art can become more accessible to everyone, and it keeps people safe who are still concerned about the pandemic.

Crypto Art

Have you heard of NFTs? If not, then you’re missing out!

NFT stands for Non-fungible Tokens and refers to anything that can be digitally collected and traded. This is causing a massive change in how we view art in the art world.

In some situations, this art is algorithmically generated. Several art houses are getting involved with this new wave of art as it opens the door to digital spaces that never existed before.

For instance, AI art made £725m in sales. So, it’s worth investing in.

As we spend more time online and on computers, crypto art will become even more popular, which is why it’s a trend to watch out for if you want to try something different.

3D Graphic Design

Art pushes our boundaries and makes us look at the world differently. Some people create art to convey dark emotions that upset them, and others want to spread joy into the world.

However, digital art is not restricted to a computer or phone screen; it can also be made in 3D models.

For example, you can use 3D graphic design to recreate street art and provide a space for digital outdoor exhibits. These tools can help bring your craft to life and provide a richer experience for the observer.

We’ve never had the tools to make art digital and 3D before, so this is the beginning of an exciting chapter in the art community!

Naturalistic Art

In contrast to the rise of technical art, there’s also a demand for natural art. You might want to embrace digital art or react against it, depending on your personality.

This trend is for you for people who like the simple, technology-free lifestyle.

There will be more nature-based motifs, animals, and other holistic themes in art. This art is about seeking relief from the modern world and escaping stress.

This art will be crucial for implementing change in society and making statements about real-world problems concerning political debates like climate change.

And, what’s better than a lovely painting of an animal to hang on your wall?

African Art

Speaking of political topics, another vital issue relating to art is the history of euro-centric creations.

As people become more involved with raising awareness of minority groups and their influence, art will be at the centre of this movement towards inclusion and recognition.

So, getting African Art pieces should be at the top of your list!

Neon Art

After several years of hardship during the pandemic, it’s about time we had some colour in our lives. That’s why neon colours are the next art trend to look out for during 2022.

Neon art is no longer associated with Las Vegas or arcade halls; it’s a trendy art style that shows innovation and personality. So, if you want to break any rules, neon should be your colour!

Make a statement and get some neon art this year.

Ultimately, these visual art trends will appeal to different people. Depending on your interests, style, and reason for getting art, you’ll want to explore various genres.

But, nothing stops you from trying all these trends and finding what you like over time!

Step Out Your Comfort Zone With a New Art Style

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