Top 8 Ways to Use TopFoto Stock Photos in Your Projects

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2000790: Miss Marigold Anson, 1950

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a powerful photo is worth far more. A great photo captures the imagination and becomes a cultural icon – like Alfred Eisenstaedt’s The Kiss.

If you’re making a documentary video, it’s not easy sourcing high-quality historic photos. Maybe you’re writing an educational textbook and you can’t find historically accurate images.

A service like TopFoto that licenses rare and classic images can offer a solution.

What’s the best way to use TopFoto stock photos in your work? Keep reading for eight ideas.

The Right Type of Stock Photography

Before you start with your ideas, you need to understand a little bit about stock photography. There are several types:

Creative commons means the photographer retains her copyright while others can use the photos in a non-commercial manner.

Royalty-free images are common on some stock photo sites.

Don’t assume if a photo is on the internet, you can download it and use it. There’s a copyright on most images and that could become a problem for you down the road.

With rights-managed stock photography, you pay a one-time fee to use a photo in your project and you have the confidence that you are good to go. You can also ensure a level of exclusivity with the photo. Find out more here.

The best way to use your rights-managed photos? Let’s take a look.

1. Use Stock Photos for Documentary Films

If you’re making a documentary, you know it’s sometimes a struggle finding the right materials. You need history-specific photos that accurately depict the timeframe of your subject.

Historical re-enactments work well but adding some genuine images lends credibility to your project. It also shows your viewer you’ve done your research into the subject. A great example is the documentary drama series Chernobyl, which used TopFoto images at the end, showing the real people involved.

With stock photos from a company like TopFoto, you’ll avoid the hassles of copyright violations because you’re buying licensed images. You’ll also have access to a vast collection of images.

2. Stock Photos for Books

Are you writing or self-publishing a non-fiction educational book or history book? Stock photos bring your reader closer to the subject. Consider using rights-managed photos like those at TopFoto and you can also ensure a level of exclusivity.

Some readers find history a dry and difficult subject. Iconic stock photos are compelling and memorable, drawing the reader into the subject. Humans process images 60,000 times faster than the written word!

With TopFoto stock photos, you’ll find photos taken by master photojournalists and photographers.

3. Corporate Advertising

One of the most important elements in advertising is creating a campaign that sticks. Some of the most recognizable music and images come from advertising campaigns.

Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, British hit songwriters, had a famous jingle “True Love and Apple Pie.” They later re-worked it into an advertising campaign sensation for Coca-Cola.

It was “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” and it spawned a hit song in the UK and the US. Anyone who watched television in the 1970s would recognize both the song and the iconic images of teenagers singing on the hillside.

It’s hard to overestimate the power of classic images in advertising. Images evoke emotion and stay in the mind long after the words fade away, unless, of course, the words are a hit song!

4. Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing campaigns have exploded into every area of our lives. From tiny one-person businesses to huge conglomerates. More than 50% of the global population uses social media platforms.

It’s hard coming up with original content day after day. Try using some classic photos to capture your audience’s attention.

Create an entire social media campaign around your new book or documentary film using classic stock photos. It saves you time , effort, and it makes your content more unique.

5. Packaging and Creative Design

It’s tough standing out in a crowded marketplace. Having a creative design in your packaging is one way to get noticed.

What about using a classic photo on your package or label? Create a compelling design with a photo that speaks to the brand’s identity.  A great example is Tyrrell’s Crisps, who use several historic photos from TopFoto on their packaging.

6. CD or Album Art

Many CD and album covers showcase unique designs pertaining to the music within. The right historic photo is the perfect reflection of the message of the musicians contained in the lyrics. An example is The Roots album cover for Things Fall Apart.

You need a vast catalogue from which to choose if you’re going to find the perfect fit. That’s why a stock photo company like TopFoto is a good choice. You’ve got thousands of classic photos from which to choose.

7. Film Posters

Documentary film posters are another way of using your TopFoto stock photos. Along with the photos you pick for your film, pick one that represents the entirety of the film’s subject. You can turn a high-quality stock photo into a poster with ease.

8. Print Collateral

Is your brand identity based on a classic theme? Use stock photos when designing business cards, brochures, and postcards.

Not sure about your brand identity yet? Spark your creativity by browsing through the catalogue of classic images. Let the past propel your creativity into the future.

Using Stock Photos for Creative Ventures

We live in a visual world, and photos are a crucial element to any book, film, or type of design project. Stock photos are a reliable source of licensed images that make your job easier.

Whether you’re looking for photos for a book, documentary film, social media campaign, or album cover, TopFoto has a vast array of inspiring images.

Are you in need of stock photos for your next creative project? Create an account now and get started on your project right away.


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