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pd3007435: Yoko Ono on location filming her well known short film Bottoms, also known as Film No 4. 1966      –      Photo by Graham Keen / TopFoto
  • Selected images at TopFoto
  • Yoko Ono will be 90 years old on 18 February 2023
  • Yoko Ono is being widely reassessed as a hugely significant and trailblazing artist and feminist (eg see New York Times article 13 June 2022 https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/06/20/yoko-onos-art-of-defiance)
  • TopFoto has recently acquired full ownership of the Graham Keen photographic archive and all rights therein, which includes these rarely-seen photographs:
  • In 1966, Graham Keen photographed Yoko Ono setting up for her exhibition Unfinished Paintings and Objects By Yoko Ono at the Indica Gallery, as well as working on her Film No. 4 (1966).  It was at this event – Yoko Ono’s first London, indeed first European, solo exhibition – where she met John Lennon.  The power of the Graham Keen images though is that they show the context in which they met that night – her context, as an artist of considerable reputation and stature already. In the images she is setting up her exhibition at the Indica Gallery, and in a second set she is working with her then husband Tony Cox on her Film No. 4 (popularly known as “bottoms”).

Background on Graham Keen, photographer and art editor, who died in 2019:
See The Guardian Obituary here: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/apr/16/graham-keen-obituary


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