"That's an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs. Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it." by Riana Duncan, 1988
Are you sure this is Chris Barber's place? by Ronald Searle, 1961
"In South Africa we have always managed to keep politics out of sport." - Mr Vorster by Leslie Illingworth, 1968

Exclusive!  License Punch cartoons (since 1841)

Media researchers all over the world are now able to access the world famous Punch cartoons (since 1841) at TopFoto, who have signed an exclusive with the Punch Cartoon Library for image licensing worldwide.

Publishers are able to easily search the digital Punch Cartoon library at www.topfoto.co.uk. The TopFoto team offers the extra benefit of free expert in-house support, searching the hard copies for rapid processing and upload. Punch, “the defender of the oppressed and the scourge of authority”, is the greatest satirical-political magazine of all time. It pictures Britain when it was the largest Empire in history and the most powerful nation in the world.

A very British institution, Punch has a devoted national and international following for its witty and wholly irreverent take. It shook governments and public opinion with its cartoons of national symbols fighting it out on the world stage. With clear-eyed social documentary and the lampooning of public figures, Punch cartoonists from Tenniel to Scarfe gave us the cartoon as we know it.

Beginning with John Leech (1817–1864) followed by stars such as Tenniel (1840-1914), Pont (1908-1940), Fougasse (1887-1965), Bateman (1887-1970), EH Shepard (1879-1976), Illingworth (1902-1979), Thelwell (1923-2004), Searle (1920-2011) and Scarfe (b. 1936), Punch cartoons form an unmatched resource for TV production, newspapers, magazines, authors, and publishers of all kinds.

Over 161 years, the magazine documented the changing face of British humour and played a central role in the formation of British identity. You can trace a clear arc from Punch at its best all the way through to The New Yorker, Private Eye, The Oldie, Spitting Image and beyond.

Browsing through, it is startling how relevant they are and how brilliantly they lend themselves to today’s major issues. There are limitless possibilities in the Punch content to support contemporary creative narratives.

Flora Smith, TopFoto’s Managing Partner, says: “It’s a huge honour to represent the Punch cartoons. They absolutely nailed the issues of the day and because of that, the images thunder down the centuries to our own time.”



by Ernest Howard Shepard, 1964
The Spoil-Sport; or, the Culprit who Admitted Everything by Henry Mayo Bateman, 1923
Bow - Wow!! by John Leech, 1859
Stand back, sir, or we'll all go up together by Norman Thelwell, 1961
The Genu-ine Othello by John Tenniel, 1861

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