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The “lost” Planet News photo agency archive is available to license at TopFoto

The original glass plate negatives along with surviving press prints from Planet News Ltd. , dating back 100 years , are reunited at the TopFoto archive in Kent, England.

PAST28999: The Planet News building in Johnson’s Court, London. 1947

Planet News opened its London office in late 1927, in Johnson’s Court, London – Dr. Johnson’s house just off Fleet Street . It then moved to 8 Bouverie Street in the 1950s. The agency supplied its many subscribers in the United States, Britain and the Empire with a stream of news and photographs throughout the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s.

In 1958, the American rival to Associated Press, United Press Association, merged with Planet News and Hearst’s International News Photos (INP) to form UPI London. Planet News retained some brand independence within UPI London for many years but UPI eventually phased out the Planet News name from existence.


In the 1970s,  TopFoto bought the picture library archive of UPI, with all rights contained within.

Part of Planet News was left behind as it was badly damaged. Decades later the abandoned negative collection reappeared at auction and was bought by a syndicate of press photographers called PastPix. They meticulously restored and digitised over 11,000 original glass plate negatives.

TopFoto has now reunited the “lost” Planet News collection with the remaining surviving Planet News negatives at TopFoto.

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A 6 minute film clip of UPI can be found at AP

If you have more information about photographers who worked for PN, INP, UPI – then do please contact us.

  • Herbert Andrews – Planet News Photographer
  • Charles Dawson – Planet News Photographer
  • Herbert Ludford – Planet News Photographer
  • John Eggitt – Planet News Photographer
  • Maurice Sayers – Planet News Photographer
  • Derek Brind – Planet News Photographer
  • Ronald Ockenden – Planet News Feature Photographer
  • G. Stringer – Planet News photographer
  • Mr. Smith – Planet News photographer
  • Ray Rousseau – Planet News photographer
  • Peter Skingley – Planet News photographer
  • J. Davies – INP Photographer
  • Willie Vicoy – UPI Photographer
  • Charles R Eggleston – UPI Photographer
  • Hiromichi Mino – UPI Photographer
  • Massimo Ascani – UPI Photographer – Italy
  • Marcel Wallenstein, Planet News Operator
  • Mr. Clements – Planet News Operator
  • Bob Murray – UPI Staff
  • R.W. Beaton – UPI Vice President and General European Manager
  • Anthony Tobin – UPI London European Desk
  • Rex Cerasov – UPI London European Desk
  • Joanna Sloanne – UPI London Staff
  • Joel Schrank – UPI Staff USA
  • L. Meyer – UPI Staff
  • Mike Keats – UPI Staff
  • J. Morgan – UPI London Staff
  • Paddy Thornberry – UPI Staff
  • Henry Parker – UPI Staff
  • Michel Pierson – UPI Staff
  • Patrice Pouget – UPI Staff
  • Ken Powell – UPI Staff
  • William Russell – UPI Staff
  • Roger Tatarian – UPI Staff
  • Felix Yiaxis – UPI Staff
  • Claude Hippo – UPI London Staff
  • Derek Langsdon – UPI London Staff
  • Ted Majeski – UPI Managing Picture Editor
  • James Spencer – Planet News Staff
  • W. M. Handcock – Planet News Staff
  • John Dyer – Planet News Night Picture Editor
  • Johnny Carey – Planet News Dispatch Rider
  • Ray Baxter – Planet News Dispatch Rider
  • Alec Akers – Planet News Dispatch Rider
  • Johnny Mantle – Planet News , Assistant Foreign Editor
  • Kenneth Bunyan – Planet News , Assistant Newspicture Editor
  • Jack Hampton – Planet News Diary Editor
  • Cliff Day – UPI London Staff
  • Henry Raymont – Head of UPI Cuba
  • Jim Gaiger – Planet News Staff
  • Dana Stone – UPI Photographer
  • Henry Keyes – UPI London European Desk
  • E. Gerry Stream – Planet News Assistant Newspicture Editor
  • Harold W. Gully – UPI London General European Newspicture Manager



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