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Rolling round the rink . Previously unseen photographs taken by Ken Russell, filmmaker, in the 1950s. This has been called the great ice-age . More and more shows are being put on ice and ice rinks are doing big business in all large cities . But the Roller - skating rinks , older institutions , are still going remarkably strong , and they are especially popular with children . The noise , as well as the speed , seems to appeal to them . These pictures , taken at the Roller Skating Rink at Alexandra Palace in London ,capture the excitement and jollity of Saturday morning at the rink , with school over for the week , and the whole expanse of the hall waiting for experts and beginners , the whizzers and the stumblers . PICTURE SHOWS:- Tiny against the empty expanse of the rink , this girl is a lonely figure of intense concentration . March 1955


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Jersey Water Gymkhana Winner of the hobby horse race , Miss M Ford 16 August 1919

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