The Website Image Guide: How to Make Your Site Stand Out

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When surveyed, 40% of responders said that images are a website’s most important visual aspect. Behind images came colour (39%) and video (21%).

So, to have a website that stands out from the rest, you must step up your image game. Getting the right website image for your homepage can make people linger longer on your site.

So if you’re keen on upping your website image game, keep reading. We’ve got an excellent guide for choosing your website images.

The Basics of Website Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and images are no different when it comes to websites. The right image can keep your viewers’ attention and encourage them to browse the rest of your website.

The Different Types of Website Pictures

There are a few types of images that you can use to impress your audience. Some of the main ones are:

Photography: The photos are taken by a camera and can include people, animals, food, or landscapes and are typically found on stock images websites

Infographics: Infographic images can impart a lot of information shortly and directly and can help make an impact on your viewers

Illustrations: Illustrations include any graphic-designed image that doesn’t fall under the other categories

Logos: Logos are typically reserved just for your company logo, which would appear somewhere on all your pages

How to Choose the Right Website Image

So let’s get to how to choose the right website image. There are a few factors you should consider:

Images That Tell a Story

Photos that connect can make a more significant impact than a single photo on its own. For example, if you’re a food blogger having a series of images that tell the story from preparation to serving will tell your viewers a story.

Images That Are On-Brand

You want to keep your website images on brand. For instance, if your target audience is child-free people in their twenties, you wouldn’t want to choose pictures that include many children.

Images That Are High-Quality

Nothing is worse than seeing a pixelated image when looking at product images. To avoid this, ensure your website pictures are of high quality. This means you’ll want to look at images with a higher resolution or taken with a decent camera.

Images That are the Right Size

Finally, you want to choose images that are the right size for your website. If your blog theme favours landscape images, throwing in a portrait might throw off the display, making your site look unprofessional.

Make sure the file size is also not too large. Around 20MB should be suitable for most images.

Get The Best Website Images Today

Website images are an essential part of any site, so researching what your website needs will help you know what images you need. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn the basics and how to choose the right website image for your site.

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